Giving Thanks & Ish

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Never say that I don’t have any holiday spirit. On this of thanksgiving (ok, so I’m actually posting this early, but you get the idea), let me share what I’m most grateful for this year:

1. Loving mothers.

2. The Boondocks finally came back.

3. That you can never hide from your past.

4. Wilona from Good Times is still killing ‘em at 112.

5. Keyshia Cole found a new hair color.

6. There are still leaders trying to change the status quo…at least one anyway.

7. That this song is still more than just fine…fine…fine…fine…fine….fine….fine (whew!) after all these years.

8. We’re slowly but surely making progress.

9. The return of Salt ‘n Pepa.

10. We eventually learn to let go of what troubles us. Exhale, Terry. Everything’s gonna be alright.

11. The genius of Alexyss Tylor.

12. Celebrities that keep it real. Ya’ll better respect Helen Mirren’s gangsta.

13. Folks that make it too easy.

14. Dreams.

15. Memories.

16. That I know better. Imagine if Wendy’s took Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and remixed it for a Baconator commercial.

17. That this party promoter got all of his brown paper bags burned.

18. I gave this movie a chance.

19. The mute button. Bless it.

20. Places to release.

21. Photoshop: The gift that keeps on giving.

22. Graduation.

23. Family.

24. Friends.

25. I’m waving my stan card and Popeyes wing as I type this proudly. All hail the Queen and her lace front.

And last but not least:

Anyone that reads this blog. Thank you! Really, this year has not been the best, but I’ve tried not to show it on here. Thanks to anyone who’s left a comment, sent an email telling me that they felt I was talented or that they simply liked reading my work, linked any of my entries, or added me to their blog rolls. It’s very appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving! Buy me something tomorrow (or donate…I have Paypal!). I’m in wealth training courses and right now I’m not passing.

By the way, just because I said some nice things in this entry doesn’t mean I’m like a simp or anything, so don’t go calling me a punk ass bitch in the comments.

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