The Eruption

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Snoop has failed to live up to the promise of Doggystyle, but I have to give the man credit: He has consistently found ways to remain relevant. I’ve even enjoyed some of his post-Death Row creations. Yes, that even includes some of his work with No Limit.

I’m almost afraid to admit this, but despite the likely scorn that will follow, I liked Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. And while the song may indeed be incredibly misogynistic, I love “Which One of You.” The song pretty much comes across as Snoop fooling around. Still, I secretly want to walk in a club and scream, “Which one of you bitches like me?” I wonder if I could a free drink that way. If you’re wondering, I would say it as respectful as possible.

Anyway, this time around Snoop has hopped on the T-Pain bandwagon and gotten himself a vocoder to use for the first single from his ninth studio album, “Sexual Eruption.” I’m not even bothered by the swagger jacking, because I think he sounds better than T-Pain with it.

The video for “Sensual Seduction” (damn you, FCC) is hilarious. It’s like a Mad TV sketch gone well (yeah, they’re not that funny). Who knew a video that lifts from old Prince and Rick James treatments with a budget of $3.75 could be so enjoyable? If he doesn’t get a nomination for this video, I’m going to be pissed. If nothing else, I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t take himself seriously.

He inspires me to pursue my backup dream of recording my would-be debut album, I Can’t Sing, But I Still Have Platinum Dreams. I want to be that guy that prompts you to say, “He can’t sing worth a damn, but dammit if his shit ain’t hot.” Someone known for their style, finely tailored image, and catchy over produced songs crafted for radio. I could be the male Rihanna. (It’s a compliment, I swear!)

Give me a few more months in the gym, a pole, and a vocoder and watch the R&B game become mine. My two step is that lethal.

Thank you, Snoop. I’m thinking about sending him a gift as a show of appreciation. I suppose he’d want something like a dime bag.

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