Bozo Battles The Pre-Op

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In case you didn’t know, the self-professed Black Barbie is hood again. After spending a year in jail for not snitchin’, Lil Kim is now trying to reclaim her spot in a world of hip hop where in 2007, female rappers sell about as well as cassette tapes. So what is a girl to do? Beef, of course.

Who is Lil Kim throwing her publicity-generating venom at? Miss Conceited rapper shimself, Remy Ma. Is it wise to beef with someone known to shoot you in the stomach over the change from her order at Taco Bell? I would think not, but the Queen Bee doesn’t seem to care.

Somebody do what you do and translate this for me because at the end of the day, I can’t make out what the hell she’s saying.

I do know that either she’s a much better actress than Gang of Roses suggests, or she’s just that chick and isn’t scared of a woman who looks like she wears Magnums. Don’t let the duck tape fool you, Kim. Anyone else noticed that at the end of the video the most Kim could do with her face was squint her eyes really hard instead of actually frowning? Don’t get plastic surgery on sale, ya’ll.

If you head on over to Real Talk NY, you’ll hear Remy Ma not sound the least bit concerned about Kim.

Best line: “How you conceited? Like you don’t even like your own face. What are you talking about? Are you serious? I don’t believe you. You don’t like your nose, you don’t like your lips, you don’t like your cheek, you don’t like your chin, you don’t like your skin color, you don’t like your titties, you don’t like your stomach, you don’t like your teeth.”

Sorry, Kimmy, but Remy’s got you there. Though neither femcee appears to be afraid, I for sure am.

I don’t know which is scarier: Lil Kim’s face or standing next to Remy taking a piss and feeling embarrassed.

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