That Didn’t Take Long

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If anyone sees Raz-B driving a new Accord, we know why. Days after taking to YouTube to accuse his former manager and reported cousin, Chris “Yes, I Really Dress and Style My Hair Like This” Stokes, as a child molesting, money-leeching pervert, Raz-B is now retracting that statement. What a difference a threat makes.

Notice how camera shy the former boy band member has become. That’s a stark contrast from the other hundred videos he and the other former B2K members have posted on Youtube. Judging from him revealing accusations of child molestation to YouTube users versus an attorney, it’s obvious he’s not receiving the best advice on how to handle matters. That’s a shame.

I’m no expert, but I’ve watched enough episodes of To Catch A Predator (two) to get a colored Lou Pearlman vibe from Chris Stokes. Something is just not natural about anyone who dresses like the oldest boy band member alive. Better yet, something isn’t right about a manager releasing a picture of three young boys in their underwear laying next to each other. What should have been deemed child pornography was instead thrown into issues of Right On! and Black Beat because the picture in question featured Immature.

Unfortunately, when it comes to child molestation, my community still isn’t the most supportive, particularly when men are the victims. It’s not surprising Raz-B is being force fed lines (listen to the video closely) to a half-hearted retraction. This is what happens when the fear of ridicule and speculation can consume you enough to let money silence you. Moreover, this is exactly what happens when we let pedophiles get away with stealing people’s innocence so long as they make your body move like a snake.

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