Well She Wanted It…

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I love Janet like she loves a buffet during her off season, and despite her last album having a direction that could only lead to a trash chute, I continue to cling on to the hope that Janet can have an Emancipation-like come back.

Then she had to go and release this video.

Clearly taking a cue from the Kelly Rowland school of video making, Janet’s decided to make certain that her comeback trail still has some bumps along the way. When a song has such a high level of energy, naturally you want to have the artist behind it sit around idle for two minutes.

I don’t know whose idea it was to send Janet into space, but I was expecting Marvin the Martian to show up and pop lock (JD: This was your chance at making a cameo).

As for the poor contrasts of colors found in the video, I’m assuming the director is colorblind. Who knew you can have both Helen Keller and Hype Williams as influences?

For the sake of holding on to my green card in the Rhythm Nation, I will say I enjoyed the very end of the video when she decided to dance to a dance record — although I cant help but wonder if she was dancing in a bowl of Trix or a sexual eruption (it is Janet and all). About the dancing itself: Janet looks like she’s prepping to drop bombs on some Iraqi insurgents.

I’m not going to give up hope, though. Even if I’ve been entertained more by two crackheads doing the butterfly to go-go music across the street from a CVS than I have by watching this video, I feel like Janet can still come back strong…as soon as she gives Rene and Tina Landon a call.

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