Thank or Blame Janet?

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Ever since Ebony and Vanilla Chocolate decided to mesh the theme of miscegenation with public defilement and nipple rings on G-rated programming, the Superbowl half-time show has become the haven for artists whose last hits are typically between the time frame Michael Jackson rocked the jherri curl and kicked it breezy with Macaulay Culkin. Now comes word that Paula Abdul of American Idol and Zoloft fame is trying to shimmy her way on to the main stage. I remember there being talk of a Paula Abdul comeback a few years ago, but I didn’t know if Paula was being straight up with me or was this merely a pharmaceutical-fueled rant by a likely crazy old cat lady in the making.

The word going around is that it just may be true.

According to, which first reported the possible gig, the former Laker Girl is already in rehearsals for the music video for a duet between her and Randy Jackson, which will also be the first single off of Jackson’s upcoming guest-heavy album, Music Club Vol. 1.

I’m torn over whether I should be offended or thrilled that Paula Abdul might be performing at a major event in 2008. Sure, she hasn’t had an album in thirteen years (shame on ya’ll for not buying Head Over Heels — “Crazy Cool” was catchy), but she is a Grammy-awarding winning artist and has sold 50 million albums (yeah, who knew?). If not her for pioneering efforts, Janet Jackson would have never found her groove and we would’ve never known Jenny was from the block. I think I know how I feel now.

If she’s going to go through with this, she should come correct. I would be so happy if she brought out MC Skat Kat. They are the original Ashanti and Ja Rule.

Am I the only one looking forward to the possibilities?

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