Uncle Ruckus Speaks

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Harlem readers, I’m going to need ya’ll to pull this cat to the side: Not only is he not living right, but dude has a serious case of Nutty Negro Itis so bad I bet his breath smells worse than Britney Spears’ life.

The man in question is Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH World Ministries in Harlem. Personally, I think the Harlem community would be better served with another Crown Fried Chicken in the space Manning’s cult of worship currently occupies.

If you take a look at the church’s website, the ex-con shares the story of how he found a new hustle his calling as a preacher.

He was walking in Brooklyn and found his way to Prospect Park. He saw two (2) men playing chess in the middle of the meadow. They were playing at a picnic table. He liked chess so he was drawn to the table. One man was taller than the other, and they wore army-navy gear. The moment he stepped to the table, the taller man told Pastor Manning, “Your name is James, and you are a preacher.”

Pastor Manning states that he felt like anything but a preacher. Why? He had on prison clothes, $ .50 in his pocket, and he looked like anything but a preacher. This man knew eveything about Pastor Manning. He said his name was “King Totally Good Joseph,” and he instructed Pastor Manning in his ministry to speak only good words.

Translation: He was in the park shooting dice when a crack head rolled up on him and mouthed a bunch of nothing hoping to get that 50 cents hiding in his pocket and add it to his “Pipe Dreams” fund. Like a sucker, Manning then decided to make a living off of even bigger ones.

These “good words” the “angels” instructed Manning to share with the gullible seem like nothing more than a tribute to the dumb, ignorant, and dimwitted.

The way the Negro people are turning against Hillary and Bill Clinton these days for Obama is unprecedented.

You see how unreliable and unfaithful and fickle the Negro people are? They left you for that half-white boy. You see how they are?

In other words:

While watching this, I felt like I was going to hear something about that “no good Harriet Tubman causing trouble” at any second. As for “they,” does this man not realize he looks as Black as collard greens. He is aware that he’s a starting player in the Negro leagues, right?

Obama got a white mama. Now this isn’t racist or anything. Praise the Lord.

It’s a little bit racist, but far more stupid. And leave the Lord out of this. Attributing God’s name to this nonsense is asking for a lightning bolt to be Fedexed to your skull.

They are fighting for their lives because you are not stable. You’re not trustworthy.

How dare anyone go against Master Willie and Miss Hillary? They should’ve never gave us silly coloreds voter registration forms, huh, boss?

Isn’t it interesting that when a man has some white blood in him that’s visible all of a sudden becomes the darling of the Negro people?

If we’re going by that logic, wouldn’t Black people just stick with the whole package? If you support Hillary Clinton, fine, but this argument borrowed from the Bob Johnson School of Reasoning isn’t all that convincing.

We are such racists that it ain’t even funny.

If anyone finds out he leaves in a glass house, feel free to throw at a rock at it.

Spotted at Bossip.

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