You Know That I’m No Good

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If you’re a young black man supporting Barack Obama’s candidacy, you might as well have your testicles removed and sent to Hillary Clinton. We’re worthless, according to ace boon coon, Uncle Ruckus Pastor Manning. Yes, all of us student loan debt creating, church skipping, lily-white wanna being no good sell outs. Us with our pale dreams, delusions of grandeur, and disrespect for the sacrifices made by those who came before us. So shameful.

The nerve of some us, walking around saying no pork in my fork — trying to eat white. We turned our backs on fried catfish and whiting on day old white bread drenched in hot sauce (which we all know hits the spot) for some salmon. Saddity knuckleheads. Who do we think we are? A little Crisco never hurt anybody, and even if it did, we all have to go, don’t we? Why not go out in style…and chicken grease?

We want to act all high and mighty (re: white), then turn around and say we want a black President? Thankfully, Pastor Manning is here to check us. He’s here to let us know that our generation, and our generation alone, is the generation that denigrated the Black female. We created prostitution all in the name of winning a Source award. We don’t even have them anymore. That’s what we get.

Yes, if you’re between the ages 17 and 35, you have ruined the world. You created misogyny, you made it cool to say the n-word like it’s the “hello” remix, and you are the reason so many of the very members of the Civil Rights generation Paston Manning is championing in this video chunked the deuce to so many of their poorer black brethren after a few laws gave them the come up they were looking for: They knew what was coming from us, and they didn’t want to be bothered. Can you blame them?

Our trifling selves will not be picking Pastor Manning’s next President. No we won’t. We didn’t live through Jim Crow, so why should we think our say matters? That voter registration card is merely a formality. It’s good that Pastor Manning is saying we are irrelevant the same way our government told black people during Jim Crow. Tragic irony often provides the perspective a lazy, good for nothing, sissy black man needs.

Barack Obama doesn’t care about black children in the ghetto. He isn’t concerned about the plight of black prisoners. Nevermind he skipped out on working at a big law firm to work as a community organizer in the Southside of Chicago after he graduated from Harvard, and also worked to make sure all Illinois interrogations were recorded because many black men were being coerced into phony confessions. Forget of all of that, ya hear? Pastor Manning is speaking truth. You heard him: God told him all of this.

Now, I turned a blind eye to being emasculated for my political believes, and I conceded that my generation is the worst generation to have ever existed, but there is one thing the good Reverend said that I object to: the debt I accumulated during college. For the record, I still use pliers to turn the volume up on the TV, so I would appreciate my college loan debt get the respect it deserves. Can I get an amen?

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