Duke Kit Blues

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The lost boys of B2K seem adamant about continuing on with As The S-Curl Turns. After watching this, I have a greater appreciation for the literates of the world. This video is living proof of the danger of allowing BET to replace Hooked on Phonics for your children.

Every other word in this video is the n-word. They say it so much to the point one wonders if the K in B2K stands for Klansman. Booger or whatever his name is, seems to at least own up to their lackluster vocabulary, telling his group mate – the one that looks like Huey (Dewey or Louie) from Ducktales – that if he was going to reveal intricate details of Chris Stokes’ touch me, tease me themed kids parties, the least he could do is go to a publicist so he won’t sound illiterate.

Darkwing Duck then responds with, “Ya’ll better be lucky I see past all this human sh*t.” Well look who’s suddenly ‘deep’ after watching Def Poetry and reading a couple MySpace bulletins. Oddly enough, I recall in previous webisodes Donald complained about not being allowed entrance into a party Chris Stokes was hosting. I had no idea getting into VIP was still a major concern in the afterlife. The one with the Boriqua hurr chimes in, though I haven’t a clue as to what he’s talking about. Oh well. It could have been worse: Little Debarge might have tried to freestyle.

Anyway, I can’t keep up with this soap opera. In a lot of ways, I feel bad for them. They seem to have been screwed by Chris Stokes, and even if their reality show gets picked up by a network, I don’t see people rushing to buy a B2K album. No one really rushed to get one when it was four of them. I feel even worse that I’ve met nine-year-olds more articulate than them. Can someone please show them how to get to Sesame Street?

As for Uncle Scrooge’s nephew, after recanting a story that clearly had a lot of truth to it, I really don’t get his purpose. He had the chance to become the face of a problem largely ignored in the Black community, but he opts to flip the script and appear on camera with his head cocked to the side (an obvious move to avoid eye contact) and call himself a liar – ruining his credibility and making it even harder for his friends Ricky and Ronnie to get ahead.

The next time you see this dude begging people to take pictures with him in the mall, bump bump bump some sense into him.

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