I Love The 90s: Superbowl Edition

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Mrs. Skat Kat made her big comeback performance in a pre-taped performance for the Superbowl pre-show, and to be a 100 in pop star years, I must say she didn’t do that bad a job. Of course, a couple of folks have pointed out that she needs to let 1991 and MTV’s The Grind go, but that’s nothing but hate.

Some of the salt thrown on Paula’s game include:

So who the hell decided to put Paula Abdul on? Not only did she mime in her pre-recorded performance in front of a crowd of 11 but she danced like a blob of wax on a hot frying pan. And isn’t this new song just a Janet Jackson B-side from 1990? And where was the real talent, MC Skat Kat?

Not to be out done:

She once promised to be forever our girl. But she didn’t live up to being forever our singer, that is for sure. Page Six says, not only faux sang her way through “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” but even the dancing, which was her strongest skill, was weaker than the drinks they were serving at the concession stands.

I don’t know what upsets me more: The Paula-bashing or the idea of paying $8 for watered down drinks.

To all of you trying to play Paula Abdul about her performance, you should consider the following:

1. She showed up.
2. She didn’t cry.
3. If she were your mom or crazy aunt and this took place at a karaoke bar, you would be impressed and uploading the video on YouTube.
4. It could have been a lot worse; see the opening act of last year’s VMAs.
5. Agan, she didn’t cry.

Sure, sure, the famed choreographer did more posing than actual dancing, but it’s done wonders for so many singers out now half her age. Be easy. If you’re looking forward to more Paula on stage, you’re in luck: She’s recording an album set for release this summer. If I were her, I’d pitch a collaboration with Janet. Something really hot, that speaks to their situation in the music industry. I’m thinking a song called “The Hill (I’m Over it).” Throw in a dance contest between JD and MC Skat Kat and I’m down.

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