Is It Really Her?

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Cassie is a well dressed example of how this country’s obsession with thinness, beauty, and racial ambiguity can lead to a career in the entertainment industry. While she did have a monster of a hit single that soared all the way to #3 on the Hot 100, that number is close to the amount of copies her first album sold. You would never know this, though, given that whenever you look at pics of a major event there she is.

She’s here.

She’s there.

She’s everywhere.


Me thinks Miss “Just Tell Me How You Like It” convinced Mr. “Take That, Take That” into giving her an all access pass to every major social event in the country. I wonder how.

I can’t be mad at her for trying to keep her name and pretty face out there, but I can be mad at her doing so as a singer and not as America’s Next Top Model.

Back when she was appearing on 106 and Park doing what looked like a homage to the stiff and tone deaf people of the world, pieces were written in defense of her as an artist (HA!)…which I was happy to refute.

Since then, I’ve re-listened to some of her songs, and while I will admit that a few are indeed catchy and have a certain appeal to them, the game hasn’t change: She can’t sing worth diddly. At all. Not even in a little bit. I doubt that she can even hum correctly. That tidbit about her talent or lack thereof is not going to stop her show, though.

Here she is talking over a beat singing the song she contributed to the Step Up 2 soundtrack called, “Is It You?” If this were performed at Mrs. Chambers Third Grade Class Talent Show at Martin Luther King elementary, I would say her Chipette vocals could evolve into something as she gets older.

Word to Brittany.

But she’s grown, and if that’s all you can do with the Protools touch, there’s no hope. As pretty as she is, pretty won’t stop my ears from bleeding.

Her second album is on the horizon, but one has to wonder: Do the pretty untalented girls of the world really need yet another role model? How long will it take her to bow out of the game and head to Fashion Week?

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