I Still Love You

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You probably haven’t noticed around these parts lately, but I am a huge Janet Jackson fan. I remembered why I used to be such a big fan after watching her interview on Larry King tonight. Watching them recap the different stages of her career and the noses that accompanied them brought out my inner stan and so many memories. Like the VMA performance of “If” and “That’s The Way Love Goes.” Watching her and her dancers during the janet. era teach Bill Bellamy that awkward dance. I don’t remember what it was called (it’s late and I’m light headed: leave me be), but put your arms in the air (not like the po-po is about to shoot you, though) and sort of back it up, then kind of hop with it. Yeah, that one.

Ok, whatever, back to the memories. The “You Want This” video. Janet and those dookie braids. The butterfly. Yelling “Controooooooooool” with this girl named Kim for no damn reason. Basically everything before Justin and her bra lost their minds at the Superbowl.

After watching Janet tonight, I feel really bad about bashing her album. I mean, I still don’t like it and I still wish she’d give Rene and Tina a call, but it’s Janet. I feel like Mrs. Gordon after Wilona called her triflin’ ass out for burning Penny with an iron, then having the nerve to think she could just stroll back to the projects with her sugar daddy and think everything was ancient history. She thought she had some game, didn’t she?

Anyway, while Discipline isn’t showing out on my iPod, I do want to pay a slight homage to Janet.

Janet Jackson – Twenty foreplay
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I actually prefer the studio version of this song, but I love the video. Dorothy Dandrige would be proud.

This is a beautiful song. I miss songs like these from her. My favorite part is when she says:

When you wake
And your smile meets mine ah
My day begins
You’re my inspiration
Seeing your face glow
Is the nicest of hellos

Disclaimer: I ain’t no punk bitch.

Many people – especially me – have been really hard on her, but it’s only because she’s set the standard over the years. But I need to release the stan and take a hater break.

I love you, Janet. Sorry about that album, but I gotta keep real it, pimpin’.

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