Let ‘Em Fight

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I was never really that a big Dru Hill fan. I prefer the original Jodeci, so I was never pressed to listen to Sisqo scream like K-Ci when I already had the real thing high on stage. But, given that these days the few male groups left are more concerned with their duke kits than their vocals, I’ll take what I can get. I will say that when “Tell Me” first came out, I used to hop my then fat ass in the air when the video came on. Quit laughing. Ya’ll probably did it, too.

Anyhow, that Dru Hill reunion doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. These dudes reunited for about ten minutes.

Clearly in Baltimore doing a radio interview (the “Murry J. Blige” reference gave it away) to announce a reunion, the three heathen members of Dru Hill were shocked to hear member Woody quit the group before they even stepped back into the studio.

And then hilarity ensues.

As funny as this video is, I’m a little confused.

If Woody knew he wasn’t down for the reunion because he’d rather do ministry, like Sisqo asked, why the hell didn’t he tell them that the day before they showed up at the radio station? He always did seem short yellow bus-ish to me. Sitting there mumbling looking like a broke Issac Hayes.

Does he not know how much gas costs right now? Folks can’t be wasting gallons like that — especially when “In My Bed” came out before ringtones.

Also, if he’s so saved, then why was he trying to fight Nokio? Midgets can fight now, and he looked like he was about to get choked out. Even Jazz was having some problems holding Nokio back.

Judging from the comments on the youtube page, some speculate that this was staged. Hmm, you see how well online reality shows did for B2K. I would hope folks have learned.

If it’s fake, they got me (but they won’t have Billboard). Until otherwise noted, I’ll consider this as real, so I have to ask my Baltimore people to explain to me why Sisqo ‘ain’t even ‘sposed ta be drivin?’

Did he kick some po po’s shin or something? C’mon nah. Tell me something.

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