Chris Brown Is Ready To Serve

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It looks like I might have to call my nine-year-old niece and tell her to check her little crush.

American superstar singer-entertainer Chris Brown and his entourage of dancers were involved in a scuffle at a local dance club. The fight took place during an after-party at a local German club, which the singer booked as a reprise.

Now what reason would my favorite R&B gymnast have to fight anyone?

Locals explain that Brown and his entourage were involved in a “dance-type battle” with another team. During the breakdancing, words were exchanged and Brown and the leader of the opposing entourage began to approach each other and push. Before the fight could escalate into a full-scale melee, members of Brown’s entourage intervened, pulling the singer away.

What kind of lameness?! Are they shooting You Got Served 2 in Germany? Please tell me that’s it. Tell me Chris Brown isn’t fighting someone over a poplocking contest?

He needs to sit his backflipping ass down somewhere. I didn’t think dance battles really led to actual battles.

Despite the begging of patron’s there for calm, it took the bodyguard of Brown to restrain him fully by standing in front of him and preventing him from approaching the opposing team before he would leave the dance floor.

Really, though? Is it that serious? What did the dude say to Chris? Did he say, “That’s why Omarion dances better than you anyway!” or maybe, “You wannabe Usher!” Even still, is it that deep to be fighting over which dancer could best double as an Olympic-medal win gymnast in Beijing this summer?

I don’t want to offend any dance captains out there, but fighting over a dance competition is corny to me. If Marques Houston is doing it in movies, you know something is wrong with it. I’m just saying, ya’ll.

Owners of the club asked the unidentified ‘opponent’ to leave along with his entourage, before Brown would return from the back rooms to the main floor.

For real? Did one of them yell, “You ain’t bad, you ain’t nothing!” at each other, too?

Who’s bad?

After the opposing members left, Brown’s party continued undisturbed and he asked for the dance-battle to continue.

“I’m focused, man!”

Here’s video of Stomp The Yard: German Edition:

I’m going to assume that maybe Chris was being heckled because he’s a celebrity, he just wanted to do something “normal,” and folks got out of pocket, blah blah blah. Someone better have at least stepped on the man’s shoe.

I really don’t want to believe they bumped into each other doing the superman and all hell broke loose.

In other Chris-related news:

Check out little Jonathan Taylor Thomas try to show ya’ll boy out. I wonder if Justin Timberlake is ready to plex now?

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