Damaged Budget

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It seems like Puffy finally decided to dig into his pockets to pull out just enough lint to throw Danity Kane a bone and give them a video. Better late than never when you’re signed to Bad Boy, I suppose.

I actually heard this song on the radio (on the hip hop station that plays screw in the middle of the afternoon, no less) — I like it. What? Were expecting me to bash it? I like these chicks. They really work hard to be stars (take note, Kelly Rowland), and they sing really well. The only thing I have to say about the song doesn’t relate to them: Does Diddy Puff ever shut up? This man makes sure he hiccups on every single track that’s released, doesn’t he? Can they live?

As for the video: Three seconds into the video I got the urge to ‘spice up my life.’ I gather the director sought inspiration from Barbie or maybe:

Totally outrageous. The video is cool, a little dated, but I wish them well. They’re so nice. No need to bash them when they’re are so many no-talent illiterates in the world of music who are more worthy targets. Besides, they’re a girl group that actually passes the mic. When’s the last time you’ve seen a girl group where the lead singer isn’t boss hogging the mic.

I actually feel bad for them. I imagine the bonus you’re given once you sign to Bad Boy is similar to a pawn shop loan: you think you’re in the money, but all you’ve really done is sign your credit score away. Sometimes I wonder if a Bad Boy contract comes with a Section 8 application. I’d rather divide my $10 and mail them to the members of Danity Kane individually. No telling what baby mama payment, or wave juice Puffy will spend their residuals on.

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