Huck If You Buck

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Look no further than the candidacy of Mike Huckabee as proof that the majority of the religious right consists of nothing more than pseudo-Christians who bastardize religious dogma in the name of securing power and wealth. When the “born-again Christian” candidate George W. Bush first gained national prominence, the Ralph Reed’s of the world praised him as God’s chosen candidate: Someone who lived by the virtues of Christ that would restore decency to the office.

What we really got was an ex-coke head whose foreign policy seemed rooted in facilitating the Rapture — suggesting that while he and his war mongering cohorts may indeed be skipping out on blow these days, they’re surely still hitting the bottle. George W. Bush, whose campaign strategy consisted mainly of divide and conquer fear tactics, has been antithetical to everything both Christian and conservative.

Then comes Mike Huckabee, an ordained minister who embraces creationism, advocates basing government laws on the Ten Commandments, doing away with the tax system, promoting celibacy, limiting abortion, limiting the rights of gays, and virtually every other “moral issue” pushed by the ever-controlling religious right wing of the Republican Party.

When they have what they wanted presented to them on a platter, they scoff at him and instead try to latch on to Mitt Romney – who as a Mormon, doesn’t even fall in line with their view of what a Christian is.

Why is that? Fast forward to 3:30 of this clip.

It’s because they don’t really want what they advocate. It’s just a tactful way of suckering enough people to support their own self-serving causes.

I think Mike Huckabee is a likable person besides the fact that if he met me, he’d probably tell me that he’ll pray that God hands me a cup of ice before he condemns me to hell. Still, I respect someone that actually believes what they’re saying — even if I don’t agree with the notion that the world is flat.

I highly doubt any other conservative comes out and be that forthright about the speech, and for that, I appreciate Mike Huckabee.

Judging from the responses I’ve read and seen on Obama’s speech, I have to be honest and say that I feel that a lot of Americans deserve the conditions they live in. Bush won on the hatred of gays and Muslims, and now some people are crying false victimhood against the very people who built this country. If McCain wins, I’m curious to see what these people will think of more job losses, the prospects of more domestic terrorism (which can happen if war happy McCain is given a free ride to blow up the world), and their dollars equating the worth of a peso.

That is what voting on hate will get you…and we reap what we sow.

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