Wonder Bread

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Now, when I pass by the man selling the Obama t-shirts he no doubt made with the help of a Sharpie and his vintage Packard Bell desktop, I don’t knock his hustle.

When walking to the Obama rally listening to the man say he hopes you can help him fund the pork chop dinner he’s planning for tonight with the purchase of his Obama shirt, I don’t knock his hustle.

But some hustles, yeah, I’ll knock it.

Like this eBay seller pushing “Obama Miracle Toast.” The current bid sits at $44.00.

The description reads as follows:

Yesterday morning my wife asked me if I wanted toast for breakfast.

I said “sure.”

Now I wish that I had never said that. Because what appeared on my slice of toast was the strangest image that has the uncanny likeness of Barack Obama.

What could this possibly mean? It’s not my imagination either, just LOOK at the photograph! It’s OBAMA. I checked my toaster.

It’s just a regular old toaster that has never produced anything like this before!

But it doesn’t end there.

I emailed a picture of the weird toast to a friend of mine, asking him for his opinion. He forwarded it to some Hillary Clinton campaign person and by 4pm I heard a knock at my door.

“We’ll give you $20 bucks for the Obama Toast.”

Watch him get a reality show out of this.

Some of the comments are hilarious:

Q: This is not real, you altered the toast and it is so obvious. There’s too much detail and too much likeness to other Obama pictures for this to be authentic.

A: Ya think?

Q:u have way to much time on your hands

A. Actually I am VERY busy. It’s been fun counting the Hits though. Over 3700 visitors at 11:30 am PST.

It’s a miracle his toaster hasn’t turned on him like the one on Ghostbusters for playing the fool.

By the way, the seller lives in Southern California. These people live among us.

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