I Hope They Got a 9-5

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I think it’s time we sat every has been and never was down and explain to them that not every forgotten singer, actor, or their cousins deserves a reality show. The same applies to MySpace hoes, groupies, and random pretty rich white people with problems.

I’m going to be honest and say, I did like some of Blaque’s songs. In fact, my AIM screen name references their first (of a whopping two) hit single, “808.”

Stop laughing at me.

In my defense, I was 15, and I’m not very good with coming up with names and titles sometimes. I think the video just happened to be on TV, and well, like I said, sometimes I don’t know any better.

No, for real: Stop laughing at me. Ok, fine. I had it coming.

Anyway, Blaque joins Dawn Robinson, Suge Knight, the lost boys of B2K, and probably Al B. Sure! in trying to regain relevance through the exhausted trend of launching a reality show. Their “show” is called, Blaque In The House. I’m guessing they got that house through Section 8.

It’s not to say they shouldn’t give it another go, but does anyone really care to watch this? I mean, I’m talking about it, but I’m doing it to make fun of them. It’s not the nicest thing to do,
but c’mon, how can you not laugh when at the beginning of the promo you see, “Ten years ago, three girls, and one mentor, changed the face of R&B music. Forever.”

Are you laughing yet?

Notice T-Boz, Chris Tucker, and Ronnie Devoe all make cameos in the promo. You know, it’s nice to see 1999, 1995, and and 1991 B.C. still alive and kicking, but does anyone else look at that as a sign?

The second TLC that never was wants to be the new Salt ‘n Pepa.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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