He’s Straight

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Let this be a lesson to you: If you’re going to break the law, you better be famous first. A convicted felon gets caught with G.I. Joe’s arsenal (with silencers to boot), and he gets a year in prison (15% of which can be reduced through good behavior), and a year to do the type of community service he does anyway. Which basically means he has a year to make enough videos to forget the 8 or 9 months he’s actually locked up. And of course, he’ll have another album already prepped for release upon his release.

I like T.I., but if he had gone to jail under the typical sentence a non-famous person in his position would have received, I would’ve been fine with it. You can only get so many chances to get away with your idiocies — and he’s been testing the system for a while now.

Oh well: I’m looking forward to the album. You know it’s going to be dope. Speaking of dope, it would be in his best interest to stop recording songs with lyrics that go: “I’m the dopeman nigga/
The dopeman nigga, the dope dope dope the dope dopeman nigga.”

Just a thought.

Anyway, I’m sure he’s on his knees thanking God and his attorney for getting him out of this. Hopefully, that’s not a position he’ll have to be in for most of his sentence. Napoleon complex and crazy short-man gene aside, dude makes me look like a Klump. Not a good look for prison. Hey, I’m just saying.

Tiny better start a prayer circle so he won’t mess up again. She can’t live off those Xscape royalties to take care of that litter of kids they have.

Oh yeah, about the video: Is it me or does T.I. talk like its 1863?

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