The New Playground?

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Is it appropriate to bring young children to Happy Hour these days? I know this has nothing to do with pop culture, but oh well — live a little.

So, I’m at a Mexican restaurant that I was told had a decent Happy Hour (lies, but that’s a separate issue) and I notice the table behind me has a big baby contraption (I forgot what those things are called) in the booth and some newborn is sitting idle as mommy and daddy get lit.

I’m thinking this isn’t in good taste. Am I alone?

Directly next to them at the mini-table is another pair of adults with a child that looks like she’s no older than 5 watching her mom woof down some big margarita. After I get up to order more drinks (the waiter was slow and being a hater), I turn around and see the kid licking the lime from her mother’s margarita glass.

Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re going to give your kid likka to fall asleep, grab a can of beer and sneak it into their juice cup at home like decent people. (No: I’m never done this myself. You ain’t locking me up for nothing, nah.)

And beside those people was another kid with her parents. I’m wondering are kids these days that bad you have to go straight from picking them up from school to picking out your favorites from the drink menu.

I have a niece, whom I adore, but I’d never bring her to the bar section amidst a bunch of buzzed people – some of whom just got off who headed to Happy Hour with the hopes of getting off.

Then again, I suppose it could be worse: Those parents could’ve been like these fools and gave a toddler a blunt. (No they’re not Black. Stop that.)

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