No She Can’t

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Congratulations to Hillary Clinton on winning a state we all knew she was going to win several months ago. With that being said, can this bitch drop out already?

Yes, I said bitch. If it helps, I think her husband is a bitch, too. Didn’t I tell ya’ll I was a gender-neutral bitch basher? Anyway, this novel idea of Hillary Clinton somehow slithering her way past Obama and seizing the Democratic nomination despite not having the lead in either the delegate count or the popular vote is nothing more than a media-generated fairy tale invented to keep ratings up and all of us talking.

Let’s be for real: She’s not going to be the nominee. That is, unless the Democratic Party makes the dumbest move in decades. Considering their moves in recent years, that scenario isn’t completely unlikely, but I highly doubt it. Indeed, the Reverend Wright controversy has put a dent in the Obama campaign, and of course, the “bitter” comment he made weeks ago was a stupid move on his part. Still, she ain’t gon’ win. So can we off this fool, already?

Hillary’s minions keep yapping to the press about how Hillary wins all of the big states, and how she and she alone can defeat John McCain. Bitch please. The Democrats need two key factions of society to vote in droves to win the presidency: Black folk and the youth. I’m Black and I’m young and let me tell you – I ain’t voting for that lying, conniving, double-talking, race baiting, piece of shit clown of a candidate.

She is poison. She is nothing more than the Democratic Party’s version of George W. Bush: A sneaky, despicable, tactless person that will do or say anything to denigrate her opponent to get ahead. I used to like that she seemed to be strong – now I’m seriously considering donating to whatever Republican that tries take her Senate seat in New York. I despise her that much.

I am huge on voting, but I can’t force myself to vote for Hillary Clinton. I know there are plenty of people who feel the same way. Sure, there will be people who will vote for a three-legged pit-bull before they vote for John McCain; but not enough to give her the edge she needs to win. What’s more, she won’t get nearly enough people to come out to vote so that the Democrats can gain a sizable control of Congress. Nope. It ain’t gonna happen. So again, when can we build a yellow brick road and tell her happy ass to skip on back to Chappaqua?

Her camp complains about Hillary being mistreated in the press. Shut that noise up. At the helm of the campaign she coasted on both the legacy of her husband’s accomplishments and $100 million dollars in campaign contributions from the richest of the land. She’s since mismanaged her money and run an arrogant campaign that’s resulted in her having her ass handed to her by a novice. Now if Obama were in her position, I’m certain they would be giving him the same map they handed Jesse when they told his Black ass to find his way back home back in 1984 and 1988. Her campaign is broke. She’s not going to win every remaining state with the sizable portion she needs to magically overtake Obama’s lead in everything, so why are we still humoring her silly ass?

As for these polls that suggest that more Obama supporters are likely to vote for Hillary should she get the nomination than vice versa: don’t believe the hype. They’re not speaking to young people, or that many Black people. That I’m almost certain of. Why? These pollsters have never called me. Have they called you? I thought so.

The Democrats have a candidate that could expand their electorate and build a much needed base for the future of the party. But, instead of focusing on that and raising money to combat the GOP spin machine that’s already gearing up for the fall election, they instead decide to continue to put up with some chick who six months ago, could at best win 48% of the popular vote, then ultimately lose Congress, state legislators, and governorships like her husband because so many people hate her and her husband that much. Why oh why are politicians so simple?

Apparently Hillary’s campaign sent out emails asking people to donate $5.00. With $10 million in debt, she needs every penny she can get. I’m not giving her anything. She’s clearly spending those dollars on keeping her campaign staffers’ crack pipes smoking. I’m not an enabler.

If her campaign weren’t so negative, I wouldn’t mind her battling this out until June. But, Hillary has decided to take the Karl Rove approach to seizing power and it’s hurting the Democratic Party’s chances in November.

Much like the New York Times, I’m hoping this will all be over sooner rather than later.

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