Pole ‘n B Presents: Girlicious

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Can you catch crabs from a video? I hope not. I didn’t know what a Girlicious was when I first scrolled passed the name on a message board, but after one phone call, I’ve since learned that this freaky foursome consists of the ‘winners’ from the show, The Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious. Isn’t that name Girlicious catchy? It’s like so sexy, right? Yahh!

The show’s season finale aired yesterday, and their pimps producers from the show have wasted no time in releasing the video for their first single, “Like Me.” The song gives Natalie, Nichole, Tiffanie, and Chrystina (Isn’t cool how they remixed the spellings of their names? That makes them like so much hotter! Yahh!) the opportunity to let us all know that no other hoe can out tramp them.

That’s an interesting choice of subject matter considering this song sounds like nothing more than an irregular version of their fairy godstrippers’ hit “Don’t Cha” – the first single from their debut album. Plus, if you squint while watching this, you would think Danity Kane pulled a Destiny’s Child and filmed a video without letting one of their members know they no longer have a job.

I really hope this show’s demographics consists of mainly men who want to fuck them or a few gay men that want to be them. Maybe even a little bit of both. Whatever the case, tell me little girls aren’t watching this show thinking they, too, can become well paid famous strippers that “sing” jingles so long as they can work a pole and treat individuality like it comes with a case of herpes. Then again, truth hurts.

I give this group six months until most people forget their existence — until the follow up season airs, of course. Then they get a few more extra months of D-listdom out of sheer politeness.

If you want more Girlicious, you can check out the video for their next single called “Stupid Shit” here. Now why didn’t anyone suggests that as a group name?

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