From His Own Mouth

Those glasses are fly.

If you want to move beyond the misleading headlines and distorted sound bites, you will find a number of links below.

You can click here for Reverend Wright’s interview with Bill Moyers. This proves yet again that when it comes to real journalism, you’re more inclined to get it from PBS and overseas news outlets – or The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

And if you go here, you can watch the man’s NAACP speech that CNN decided to make a national event. What can I say? I guess it’s better than playing a 30-second sound bite for two weeks straight over and over again.

You can also hear the man speak field questions following an appearance at the National Press Club from some reporters that should’ve opted for careers in accounting by going here.

While I concede that his speaking out is indeed a distraction from the issues at hand, and Reverend Wright’s presence in the media may well indeed further damage the Obama campaign, if my entire existence were being surmised in thirty second sound bites that were largely taken out of context, I wouldn’t be ducking the opportunity to clear my name either.

If Obama is meant to be President, he will be President. Either way, an Obama administration won’t change some of the issues that people like Reverend Wright speak about.