So So Mad

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So that’s where Bow Wow gets it from.

All this time I was under the impression that the music industry suffered due to years of major labels offering consumers subpar music at outrageous prices while remaining oblivious to the technological advances made in digital music. But, thanks to JD, I now realize that the fall of the music industry is rooted in the publishing world’s choices in selecting magazine covers. Thank you, Master Splinter, for enlightening me.

Look, JD is a very accomplished music producer, writer, and businessman, but he needs his YouTube account canceled. Isn’t he like pushing 40? Are we really throwing temper tantrums about magazine covers? Is that what’s hot now? If 30 is the new 20, does that mean 40 is the new 10? If not, you could’ve fooled me.

Usher has a joint cover with one of the hottest producers out. Ok so? It’s not as if Usher’s label is not about to shove him down our throats for the rest of the year. It’s not like he’s not going to go above and beyond to say something out of pocket with the hopes of netting as many headlines as possible the way he always does, so what’s the problem?

I get that Usher is his friend, and I’d love someone to ride for me like that; but seriously, if he thinks a magazine cover is at the top of all the music industry’s ever growing list of ills, it’s no wonder Janet Jackson’s latest album is the new Frisbee.

To be fair, I will say that when Rolling Stone crowned Justin Timberpiss the King of Pop when Usher was outselling him by leaps and bounds, I was annoyed. Still, that to me isn’t a sign of why music is so terrible now. It just means many aging editors tend to not always get it.

In any event, I look forward to reading the Usher cover story penned by the homie, Clover Hope. After that, I’m going to take a long look at the Billboard Hot 100, then get mad over the real reason why the industry sucks so much these days.

Oh yeah, since we’re on Usher, do read the Usher interview conducted by Queen to Be herself, Charreah Jackson for I wub her so very much. JD might stab her for calling Usher the Prince of Pop, though. Don’t worry, Charreah, I got you.

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