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That is me and the ever beautiful and talented Queen-to-Be herself, Charreah at graduation this time last year. It’s been a year, and with that in mind, I’d like to wish everyone graduating this month (and yes, even you late people with the quarter system) congratulations.

My fellow Bison graduated a week ago, and today, a number of good friends at other schools across the country are chunking the deuce to their respective colleges.

Up until I got closer to the actual moment, the idea of graduating from college wasn’t a big deal to me. I was frustrated with the entire process, and felt it was more or less what I was supposed to do to get where I wanted to be.

Then one of my friends, who graduated today, gave me some perspective and made me appreciate the great accomplishment graduating from college is. Shout out to the Howard graduates, and to those from Morgan State, Hofstra, Penn State, Amherst, Northwestern, Texas Southern, Prairie View, and the University of Houston.

Some of my friends who are graduating today or who have graduated already, have been through far worse than anything I’ve encountered. Suffered losses I can’t imagine, and tackled illness and other burdens that might have made weaker people give up. Plus, some schools try to hold you down, and that can be pressure enough in itself.

So with all of this sentimental crap in mind, I want to say congrats again to the Class of 2008 — especially to one graduate in particular. Smile…or try to not throw up. I’m extremely proud of all of my friends, and I wish everyone well.

As you know, I ain’t no punk bitch, so don’t go thinking I’m like sweet or anything.

Mind you that we’re in a recession, so as tempting as it is, avoid the ho stroll. Believe me, there are times I still think about buying some go get ‘um dunks, a freak’um tee and try my luck in basketball shorts and no inhibitions. But that’s not the way to live.

Blah, blah, blah, happy, happy. The end.

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