Shut Up

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Geraldine Ferraro is a bitter, delusional, self-important peon that cries victim hood while playing dumb about her privilege in this country. Naturally, that makes her a frequent guest on the Fox News network. After embarrassing herself months ago for running off at the mouth that she’s not racist, and that she’s done things for “them,” Geraldine is back at it.

What’s she whining about now? SEXISM! C’mon: What else does her silly self have to talk about? In lieu of recent reports that a certain faction of Hillary Clinton supporters have vowed to campaign against Barack Obama in the fall, Geraldine is not missing the opportunity to brand the Obama campaign as sexist. But she doesn’t stop there. Now Black journalists are sexists (and probably racist in her eyes, too) for their coverage of reality (the fall of Hillary Clinton).

I am really sick and tired of people crying sexism in reference to Hillary Clinton. First off, Hillary Clinton is an Ivy League educated white woman from an upper middle class background. Since when did that become the new illegal immigrant or Black child living in a single parent home in the worst part of the city?

On top of that, for all of her “30 years of experience,” much of it has to do with her connections to her husband. Yes, she made the choice to leave her legal career in D.C. to help Bill get into politics in Arkansas. And people are right in noting that for a very long time, she made the bulk of their income. She deserves praise for her sacrifices. Still, as far as her political career goes, she would be nothing without Bill, so why is exactly is she some heroine to some feminists? Why not someone like Condoleezza Rice, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, or Claire McCaskill? Those women have done well in politics and as far as I know, they didn’t get by because of their husbands.

Anyway, this bitter fallen politician that was nothing more than a token on a presidential ticket twenty years ago herself thinks any criticism of Hillary equates a misogynistic attitude. Y’know, any reference to Hillary’s pandering to rural voters that she’s just some old gun toting, beer drinking, regular “girl”: That means your sexist. If you point out that she’s a liar, you hate women. And blah, blah, blah she goes.

What about Hillary purposely saying Obama isn’t Muslim “as far as she knows?” Or what about her dismissing the results of the Louisiana primary as nothing more than the Black community displaying pride for their fellow colored? Oh, that was nothing to her. Probably because Geraldine has dismissed every Black candidate with some moderate level of success in a presidential primary (all two of them) as nothing more than a token getting by thanks to the Black vote.

That’s all acceptable and not racist, but any criticism of Hillary suggests you’re Ike Turner. Please put a muzzle on this old bird. Wait. Is that sexist, too?

Hillary’s been playing it both ways this entire campaign, and the reason why she’s losing as nothing to do with being a woman. I honestly think she could take Obama out with one punch, so it’s not an issue of “toughness.” She just ran a poor campaign. It’s not Barack Obama or the media’s fault that on the day she declared her candidacy, she sat in a chair acting as if she were being crowned the Queen of the USA while Obama’s people were out in Iowa telling folks they don’t have to live half of their lives with a Bush or Clinton as president.

I’m tired of undeclared racists like Geraldine Ferraro acting as if there’s this huge double standard about race and gender when in fact at the end of the day people that look like her have it a whole lot easier than people that look like me and Barack Obama. Barack Obama has faced hurdles over his race and rumors about his religion (which is a separate issue in itself). Hillary Clinton won’t be the nominee because people don’t believe her. Her bad.

Notice Geraldine can talk about Obama’s surrogates being sexist, but she won’t speak on women choosing to actively campaign against him to help John McCain. Last time I checked, McCain voted against the equal pay for women bill and is pro-life, so why would women want him to be President?

People like Geraldine irk the hell out of me . If a Big Black man fresh out of jail from a bogus sentence walked into her and knocked her silly ass to the ground, only to be stepped over by a short overweight Mexican woman late for 12 cents an hour job, I’d smile all week.

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