It’s My Anniversary (Or Was Anyway)

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It didn’t dawn on me until I read it on Rich’s blog, but recently my blog had a birthday. For three years I’ve written about any and everything on my mind and I’ve managed to find a couple of people that will encourage me and all my ign’t ways.

Thanks to the Statcounter, I’ve noticed that people from Iraq to Brazil to Barbados have found my blog. Granted, most of them only stumbled upon this blog due to some Google search for porn, but hey, for 45 seconds, they were on my site so I count it.

Thanks to this site I’ve made great contacts, secured some work, and honed my skills. I love to write and talk my shit, so this has been very therapeutic.

My first blog entry was about a date. The last time I looked at that entry I thought, “The hell was I thinking?” I now look back and laugh at how pitiful I sounded. Ok, I don’t really laugh at all. I sounded simptastic, but what can you do?

If I had known blogs would become as huge as they have, I seriously would’ve stopped going to class and just posted a bunch of gossip. It’s done wonders for Perez Hilton.

I’m grateful to anyone that’s ever read my blog and those that continue to read it. I’m especially grateful for the random emails I get every now and then. They typically arrive the second I contemplate pawning my degree or finding a pimp. Kidding, kidding – about my degree anyway.

A lot of people are just now finding the site. That lets me know I really need to master the art of self-promotion. Having said that, tell more people to come here. Like lit agents, and development executives, and really attractive people into witty men and sponsorship.

Yeah, hook that up.

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