You’re Gonna Love Me

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I need for Hillary Clinton and her minions to accept the fact that she isn’t going to be the Democratic nominee. I watched her speech. “I want to congratulate Senator Obama on the race he’s run.” Correction, Effie: The race he’s won.

The oddest thing about it was before she hit the stage, the audience was asked, “Are you ready for the next President of the United States?”

Hmm, yeah, I was, but his speech wasn’t set for another hour.

Instead of being gracious, and acknowledging that Obama has secured the nomination, Hillvira opted to act as if we have a month of primaries left that will magically transform the fate of the race and hand her the nomination. Hillucinator said: “I will not make any decision tonight.”

What is there to decide? You didn’t win. It’s over. The end.

She also asked supporters to go to her site and write in.

I got a letter for her.

Dear Hillary,

You loss. As in the opposite of won. Now go sit your silly ass down somewhere.


Feel free to hit up and share your views.

To her credit, she outperformed Obama overall in the second half of the primary race. Thanks to her husband’s name, fear mongering, and a public willing to greet a Yale and Wellesley educated multi-millionaire (about a hundred times over) as a beer drinking, gun toting down home girl, she did very well in Democratic strongholds. She also developed a strong knack for pandering to the bigot crowd. Because of all of this, in addition to her determination and unwillingness to accept defeat, she took Obama to task, causing him to limp his way to the nomination.

Let’s send her a cookie so I don’t have to listen to her anymore.

Hilldusa had the opportunity to precede Barack Obama’s speech with words that acknowledged the accomplishments of her historic campaign, but set the stage for the reunification of the Democratic Party. It’s time both candidate’s bases come together to reach one goal: To stop Grandpa Simpson from becoming our next worst President ever.

But, while Obama complimented her excessively during his speech in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hillwitch chose to limit references to Obama, thus reaffirming for the millionth time that she’s petty, divisive, and self-serving.

By the language in her speech, you would have thought she had won the nomination. That’s what happens when you surround yourself with a bunch of yes people and possible meth addicts.

She is the female version of George Bush. I’m glad she lost.

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