She’s Such a ___ Lady

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There’s something about Karrine Steffans that I really hate. It’s not the fact that she’s an opportunistic hoe. I actually find that part of her charm. What gets me is that she comes across as a crazy, inconsistent, possibly bipolar hoe.

One minute she appears on Oprah with a dead yorkie on her head, finally sitting on stainless couch running her mouthpiece as if she’s some heroin ready to challenge the misogyny in hip hop. Then you actually read her first book (which I finally did last summer), and you’re left wondering which peen pleasuring tale actually substantiates all her bullshit claims about wanting to help any woman besides herself.

Last year when she was promoting her second piece of penis literature, she went off on quite a few jocks (no, not like that) for referring to her as “Superhead” and/or asking her questions she felt were beneath her. Naturally, when she appeared on Jamie Foxx’s show on XM, every four letter word came out of her move with fluidity – reminding us that she is in fact still the kneepad enthusiast we’ve come to know and love or revile (take your pick).

Like I said, her using her tongue to get celebrity PIN numbers doesn’t bother me. That’s her business, and if she wants to write books about it and hit VIP status at the free clinic along the way, so be it. Hey, she has more money than me (right now). It’s the phoniness that’s a turn off.

She initially paraded herself around as some victim (she is, just not in the way she painted herself to be), then some shero, and then some intellectual that’s now “above it all.”

Does she regret her past transgressions or revel in them? I guess it depends on the day.

Now she’s back to her old tricks…turning them.

SOHH reported that the New York Times best-selling author has just signed a six figure deal with Warner Books. The first release will be a book tentatively titled Vixen Manuel. It’s essentially an instructional on how to perform fellatio correctly. So you know, when you leave the NBA locker room, millionaires will scream, “BUST IT BABY!” Classy.

Thank you, Karrine for finally staying true to yourself. We all know smart people give the best brain anyway.

I can’t wait to hear which accent she uses on the book tour.

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