Yeah, His Album Is Out

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The only Martian I ever cut for was Marvin, so maybe that’s why I’ll never fully grasp the hype behind this D.A.R.E. failure.

The Carter III is alright (No, I’m not giving it a full review. I thought to, but I’d rather review the list of drugs he consumes than his actual tracklisting), but I will ask if they’re for real with calling it a “legendary album?” Then again, Terrance’s co-host once branded Alicia Keys a “modern day Sade” so go figure.

Anyway: Off the top of my head I can say Illmatic, Ready To Die, Reasonable Doubt, and It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back are examples of legendary albums. Throw in The Fix, and a couple of Outkast’s earlier albums if we’re purely talking classics.

The Carter III is essentially an album full of dope beats with so-so lyrics that entices you to play a game of “Guess The High.”

I don’t dislike Wayne as much as I did before, but I still find him to be very overrated. If he pieced together some of his better mixtape tracks and made a more cohesive album perhaps I could be persuaded to sip the Kool-aid. But he didn’t, so instead we get an album where he clearly played it safe hoping to secure as much radio airplay as possible. That helps with mainstream airplay but does little to sway naysayers into believing he’s as good as his cup convinces him to be. “A Milli” notwithstanding (the first verse anyway).

“Enjoy” this freestyle.

By the way: While I have your attention, can any of the female readers enlighten me as to why some women always cheer those lines that basically translate into I’m going to f*ck her, then dump her?

And dude is really trying to harmonize at the end. I never liked that song.

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