Stepped On My Js

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Really? Is men in their 30s singing about shoes they used to fawn over in their teens with women in their early 20s what’s hot now?

I’ve never been big on Js. I cared more about Forces and Air Max’s. The one pair of Js I wanted were sold out, so while I do understand the fascination, I’m confused: Didn’t Nelly already create some shoe commercial a couple of years ago? Are new ideas that hard to come by these days?

I heard this song a month ago…unfortunately. Ever look at the title of a song, see the artists involved, and know that it’s going to suck? That’s “Stepped On My Js.”

No, for real, ya’ll: Nelly’s in his 30s. He doesn’t have anything else to talk about? Not to say he has to be in a boring suit heading for court (as a lawyer, not a defendant), but do these men ever grow up? No wonder there are sites like Go Old Head.

Ciara and her fresh pack of Korean hair both look great in the video. Is it me or does she seem hard pressed to come across as sexy and uber feminine as possible these days? We get it, CiCi: You’re a woman. That hermaphrodite rumor was just jokes.

Back to Nelly. Tick, tick, tick. The clock is running out. If that first video weren’t proof enough, this new jingle for Jordan should be. I’ll never understand why artists who sells millions of albums based on doing their own thing get the idea that going mainstream and trying to sound like everyone else will make them sell even more.

Eh, oh well. We’ll always have Country Grammar, and he’ll have his Force’s, Js, and those country boots Tim McGraw gave him after finishing their duet.

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