Be Nice or Get Fat

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I don’t approve of a skinny man being unprofessional, petty, and childish on the Negro Network. Not only does he embarrass himself, he embarrasses all skinny men. This plays right
into my brother and Mo’Nique’s stereotype that we’re evil because we’re hungry. That is still not true, though Terrence should be tossed a sandwich if only to shut his mouth.

I like that he messed up the very line he tried to clown Rocsi for blowing earlier in the telecast. Way to make yourself look like an even bigger jackass, Terrence. Not to mention make it seem like skinny men can’t clown and stay on message.

Rocsi handled herself very well. I think she’d do much better going the Cree Summer route to success and become the new queen of animation voiceovers, but she and Terrence seem to work well on this show together. Too bad she’s about to call her people down in the N.O. to put a root on him. I hope you like frog’s legs, Terrence: You’ll have one sticking out the side of your neck by the end week.

What did Rocsi do to him where he felt compelled to try to bully and humiliate her on national television? Isn’t hosting 106 & Park humiliation enough? I’m kidding. I would host that show in a stone washed denim jacket and Hammer pants if offered a steady check and access to potential celebrity sponsors.

Besides, I might have to step in and save the slim man’s image. Terrence, you had better deliver an on-air apology tomorrow or the slim mafia will have to proceed to kidnap you and force feed you fatback and transfat. We can’t have you making us look bad, homie. I just want to say to the thinphobes out there who will use this video to fuel your anti-mini man rhetoric: AJ never did that to Free.

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