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Rihanna is back with another single, another video, and probably another album by the time I finish writing this post. She apparently “wrote” “Disturbia” with her boyfriend, Chris Brown. I’m guessing that means the redhead Rihanna’s always with that has her birthday tattooed on Rihanna’s shoulder ghostwrote this for them.

I’m really not that big a fan of this song. Rihanna uses a vocoder so naturally there’s some appeal to the song, but there’s something about it that makes me not like it. Maybe it’s “bum bum bi dom dom” thing she does. It sounds like something Scooby and the Gang would run to. The video makes up for everything, though. Rihanna’s goal in life is to look pretty and give us all something to gawk at a couple of minutes. Mission accomplished.

I’m glad I never called immigration on her. When I peeped that blond wig (I knew it wouldn’t take long for them to get her in one), I almost fell back into bad habits, but it’s OK. The video is intended to be dark and scary and what’s scarier than a bunch of Black girls still trying to look like Marilyn Monroe?

It’s too bad she’s never going to release “Breakin’ Dishes,” though. Granted these days she can throw anything out and have it go number one (sorry Kelly Rowland, Ashanti, Amerie), but that song is one of her best and it’s going to waste.

Eh, oh well, at least we get another good video out of her. Is it me or does that chick really enjoy swinging her head? Like, she swings it with such force and speed. I’m surprised it hasn’t popped off and fling into the air like a boomerang. If her neck had a name it would be Katrina. Rich over at FourFour expounds on this…with video.

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