In The Meantime

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Check it: I’m on a mission this week and it’s a goal I should have handled a while ago. Blame it on the hustle, on procrastination, and a bad case of writer’s block. Or you could be a jackass and place the blame solely on me where it belongs. Anyway, the point of this post is to say I’m going to try to update as I normally do, but if I don’t you are warned.

While I have your attention I’ve been thinking about what all I can do with the blog. I’m thinking about moving the site to my own host and finding a more specific angle (like more Dear Michael’s and stuff of that sort) so if you have any ideas, feel free to leave suggestions. It would be great to build a little more traffic and start earning enough pocket change to dead any lingering thoughts to start selling peen for profit (Look: Fuck Phil Gramm. We’re in a recession.).

In the meantime, I wanted to point out some fellow bloggers who you should be onto by now. I’m always begging readers to spread the word about The Cynical Ones (Like right now: You should really pass my link around.), so it’s about time I shout out some of my own favorites.

The Fury: He said the same thing about my site, but when I read his stuff I can’t help but think of myself sometimes. Kid Fury is hilarious, and definitely has the gift of brevity. When you can kill folks with only a few lines, you’re very good at what you do. His wit is very much like Fresh’s so if you’re not overly sensitive (you can’t be if you read this site), pay the homie a visit. His shit is dope.

Fly Clichés: I usually have to scope the blogs to find ideas for the other gigs daily, so a lot of the time the shit bores the hell out of me. But there are three sites off the bat that I go to just to laugh and enjoy because their voices are original: D Listed, The Fury, and Crunk + Disorderly. Fresh is behind C+D and I’ve been reading her blog since finding the link on Danyel Smith’s old blog. I read a few hours ago that she’s started her own personal blog and I’m glad. Sometimes when you have a format you gotta stick to it for the reader, so a personal blog is always a good way to get the other side of the writer/blogger. I’ve already read her personal site and it’s hilarious as expected, but I get the feeling it will be even funnier because she’s giving herself even more room to write whatever pops off the top of her head.

Four Four: Rich is a great writer and whenever I read his stuff I’m usually in awe thinking I need to step my game up.

Dope Penmanship: Speaking of stepping my game up, this blog is from the budding superstar music journalist and the homie, Clover Hope. You’ve seen her byline everywhere, and if you haven’t you need to pay more attention…it’s there. Similar to what I said about Fresh’s personal blog, when you give a writer a more free form format you get a better idea of how the person works. I tend to love stuff like that because if you’re a good writer no matter how random anything you come up with might be, it will still be a good read.

Thank God I’m Famous: I could bore myself watching Diddy Puff’s video blogs or give my eye a stroke reading J.D.’s dyslexic-inspired MySpace blogs or I could read the blog of one their likely replacements. Sickamore is a smart and funny dude and I definitely admire his hustle. A beast. Plus, he likes bucket hats, and although I’m not a hat person I will fuck with a bucket hat so long as it won’t have me looking like the lanky cat from Fat Albert. He’s also an ageist (see GoOldHead) and with John McCain on the ballot, there’s no better time to hate old people (the wack ones anyway)?

Basement Elevation: I’m not even sure if he has a goal like this in mind, but I see Jason following in the tradition of Michael Eric Dyson and other self-appointed hip hop intellectuals only he won’t irk the hell out of me when he’s on CNN because he’ll know what he’s talking about and he won’t be trying too hard (MC Dyson, for example). Jason is a very intelligent dude with a real passion for hip hop as an art form. There are quite a few people still like that, only I think they’re in a time warp so I don’t take them seriously. But Jason I do. I’m cynical, but I have read posts on his blog that have made me think maybe hip hop doesn’t need a bullet. And then I discover a song called “Marco Polo.” Jason, can I at least give hip hop a stab wound until it gets better?

And naturally, I have to plug for people, so visit here, here, and here, too.

So yeah, I’m out for now. If I end up posting half an hour after this post, I must be procrastinating. Curse me out in the comments section if that happens.

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