Grumpy Old Men

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It costs a kidney and a pint of blood to fill up your tank. Soldiers are hooked on uppers and downers in order to deal with the trauma suffered in a war we should have never bothered to start. Meanwhile Europeans are coming to America in droves as if the country has turned into one big outlet mall. And I’m personally holding on to my mother’s health insurance for dear life…literally. Yet, as we inch closer and closer to one of the most important presidential elections in our nation’s history, the poster children for CPS and Valtrex have been interjected into the political debate.

The idiots are running amok in the McCain campaign. Not only does that ad make John McCain look pathetic, he comes across as the biggest hypocrite on Earth. It was only eight years ago that his initial campaign for the presidency was ethered amid rumors that he did the unthinkable: adopt a colored child. So what does he do in turn after swearing to run a “respectful campaign?” Sprint right past that pledge and prove he’s every bit the bitch Bush and co. made him out to be back in 2000.

I’m so tired of people giving him an excuse because he was a prisoner of war. Yes, his service to his country is commendable. I think that point was established some decades ago. His military service doesn’t negate that he’s not even half as knowledgeable in foreign policy as paraded to be, or that he’s a liar who is running a shitty campaign. Only this week was he called out modestly by members of the press yet Obama is supposedly the media golden boy despite research proving that isn’t the case.

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are now relevant topics in our presidential election. They’re barely relevant in pop culture anymore. How pitiful is the state of our politics? I’m surprised China hasn’t already purchased America in a garage sale by now.

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