Down and Out

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I don’t want to unleash a lengthy diatribe about this, but I came across an article entitled “We Down with GOP” that I had to touch on. While I concede that the Democratic party takes Black people for granted, and agree that it’s important to show that we are not a monolith, I’m still typically annoyed by most Black Republicans. I don’t completely dislike them all, but there’s a certain breed of them that really want me to push for a racial draft.

I can’t help but think a lot of Black Republicans (typically those of my age group) are nothing more than attention whoring enthusiasts who tilt to the right because they realize in cases such as these, contrariety can do wonders for one’s profile. This article reminds me of that.

The author is trying to explain the difference between a Black Republican and a Hip Hop Republican. I don’t see any real difference between the two based on what he’s saying. Both seem to be selling the same thing only they may differ on the cultural references they interject into their talking points.

Speaking of references, in the article the author quotes lyrics from It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. It’s interesting to find the author would even cite any rhymes from that era (and that album) considering a lot of the music that came from that time was a reflection of the policies of Ronald Reagan and the first George Bush. I don’t recall Black people prospering under their administrations, do you?

The entire article comes across as pandering and after reading it and the Hip Hop Republican website I can’t help but look at all of this as a joke.

I don’t see how “Hip Hop Republicans” (whatever that means) is a movement on the rise, and despite claims that the terms aren’t oxymoronic, the author failed to point out just what Republicans and hip-hop have in common.

It took me a second, but I found some commonalities between the two. Republicans hate gays, women, and Black people. The same can be said about most mainstream hip-hop.

Outside of that, I got nothing and apparently neither does he.

Read it for yourself here.

Maybe you can explain it to me, because after reading that all I want to do is be their Suge Knight and bitch slap somebody.

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