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A lot of Hillary Clinton supporters are behaving like spoiled brats with false senses of entitlement. As the media continues to give them the spotlight they don’t deserve, most of these pundits are conveniently dancing around the real reason why many of these white women will not vote for Barack Obama: He’s Black.

That notion has been routinely dismissed, but just because a few Black faces appear on national television to co-sign the Utopian view that this country is far too advanced for race to be anything other than a nominal issue these days doesn’t make it any less true. It only means those Black people who argue otherwise need to buy a clue.

Why else would they support a man who is about as attentive to women’s issues as George W. Bush was to the people of New Orleans three years ago? It’s because he’s Black, he took what was perceived to be Hillary’s nomination, and they’re embittered thinking this was their one and only legitimate shot at seeing a woman becoming President in their lifetime.

So since they can’t have it their way, many of these women are looking to play the role of spoiler. That is so typical. Nevermind that Roe v. Wade may be overtuned, their children may ultimately be drafted should a President McCain get his shot at taking on both Tehran and Moscow, and that our economy will continue to decline — some uppity Negroe had the gall not to wait his turn.

While Gloria Steinem may have distanced herself from previous comments that gender is a much more limiting force in this country than race, the likes of Katie Couric are keeping the issue alive in the media — feeding these women convenient theories for them that don’t match up with history.

Looking at this woman go on about experience is such a joke. Barack Obama had far more experience as an elected official than Hillary Clinton and her being married to a former governor and two-term president didn’t make her more experienced no matter how hard her spinsters tried to convince me otherwise. I respect Hillary’s intelligence and bravado, but she ran an arrogant campaign based on a fallacy.

When she announced her nomination, she sat on her couch as if she were waiting for Princess Diana’s tiara to arrive and the fat dude from Coming To America to sing her “Queen To Be” at her coronation — she had it coming.

But to these women, she is a victim. How nice it must be to live in a bubble of privilege.

If some of these women were real feminists, Hillary Clinton would not be their only hope. They could look to so many other women who serve in the Senate or as governor and achieved that feat without the convenience of their husband’s last name. Moreover, is misogyny in the media were such an important issue, there would be a public outcry over much of the criticism hurled at Michelle Obama.

If John McCain wins, this country deserves what it gets.

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