Tricks On You

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I love my people, but this is starting to turn into an abusive relationship. Somehow, someway, we have to get a racial draft going. I will trade a number of the dumb asses for Shia LaBeouf or the dude from The Soup. At least they’re entertaining.

Take for example, this story. Look, I don’t want to die, but I’m saying: You stole someone’s chain and then you head to YouTube to talk about it. Either you’re untouchable or dumb as hell. I wasn’t sure of which until I read the description on YouTube.

Trick Trick’s Brother Diesel is sporting Yung Berg’s $70,000 TransFormer Chain, It has been noted that Diesel is known Club Bouncer and Jack boy, (at Plan B Night Club in Detroit). Employed by Peter Arabo. He is also a rapper under Trick Trick’s Goon Squad. We hear from inside sources in Detroit that Diesel sells small amounts cocaine around Detroit and known for jackmoves. Kind of funnie but Diesel is also sewing the Detroit Police Department for apperntly shooting him.. Real Street NIGGA Taking The Police To Court. The funnie thing is the police never even shot his ass. Some random guy on the street infront of Envy Night Club In Detroit was firing shots.

So this person can pretty much do as he pleases, I guess. Still, why? What’s the point? Then again, when you walk around with a diamond Transformer chain around your neck, aren’t you asking for it? I sort of feel bad for Yung Berg, but then I recall his “dark butt” diatribe and find the irony in all of this.

Wait, who cares. Look at the writing. What’s up with “sewing” the DPD? Why do people hate reading so much? Spell check does not lower your credit, folk! Reading can’t make you burn either. Damn, do they have to start wrapping books in Trojans to get some people to give them a glance? If so, I’ll donate some condoms now. But probably Lifestyles — I’m not wasting too much money on lost causes.

But seriously, I can’t take it anymore. The way things are going, I think I’m going to start a new segment on this blog called “I Hate Black People.” I actually hate everyone, but I should start with home first, no?

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