Boiled, Fried, & Steamed

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I had a feeling the upper echelon of “Black leaders” (generally self-appointed) would not be impressed by Barack Obama’s speech last week. Heaven forbid someone not speak solely through the prism of race. By their standards I would probably be ushered out of the Black community for saying this, but I’m glad that despite taking place on the 45th anniversary of the “I Have A Dream” speech, Obama didn’t spend half an hour talking about Dr. King. Instead of going on and on…and on about the dream, Obama opted to step out of a time warp and not kill his chances at becoming President — thus putting him on pace to achieve part of what Dr. King hoped for.

I don’t know why so many in their positions continue to act as if we elected them to be President, Senator, and Congressman of Black people, but someone ought to donate a clue. For all the legitmate reasons to criticize Obama, they choose to rant about him not speaking on their terms. This is exactly why no one outside of their circle listens to them anymore.

If Obama ran a campaign to their standards, he wouldn’t be in a position to possibly plan an inaugural ball. No, he would be at Kim’s Beauty Supply shopping for a Duke Kit so he could audition for his role as the new Jesse Jackson at Hillary’s inauguration.

Maybe I’m just a little tired of the Black bourgeoisie driving the wheel and leading us to a dead end, but this video serves an another example of why there is such a huge discontent generationally. People my age don’t really relate to this way of thinking, which is why so many are open to Obama. I understand the idea of having to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going, but in order to move forward, you have to be forward thinking.

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