Rain, Rain, Go Away (Punk Ass Wind, Too)

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In yet another reminder of why I need to hurry up and move (oh how that day is drawing closer and closer), Hurricane Ike is headed my way and ready to give my city a bitch slap.

It was only a week ago that I told my friend on the phone that there were two storms chasing behind Gustav. When I said the name Ike my friend burst into laughter. He wasn’t alone. On Ike I saw Anderson Cooper say on CNN, “If Tina shows up, I’ll be there.”

I laughed at my friend and Anderson. Ha ha hell now.

I’m praying to God that I don’t lose my power and my internets for too long. I’m trying to find a permanent escape route, ya dig.

And before you brand me a self-involved jackass, I’m also praying that the wind not knock off people’s roofs and that flooding damage be kept to a minimum. I don’t want to see Major the neighborhood crackhead and schizophrenic floating by on a boat asking folks to by him a beer at the nearest relief shelter.

Not to mention, I think everyone should say a collective prayer (or wish on a star, knock on some wood, think happy thoughts, eat a lucky chicken wing, whatever it is that you do) because the storms we have now are going to look like sprinkles if we don’t get our act together. Word to Al Gore.

I’m also trying not to curse the people losing their damn minds before the storm makes landfall out. Today folks were spinning around the grocery store like they’re a walking hurricane, and driving like they’re being chased by a tornado. I know people are scared, but c’mon nah.

Alright, that’s it, I guess. Don’t know when I’ll get to update. Hopefully the wind doesn’t huff, puff, and blow the damn power lines down.

That would really suck.

If you’re in Ike’s path, be safe. If you aren’t, be grateful.

P.S. Wish me luck on my maintaining my last nerve through the weekend. 😐

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