Can’t We Do Better? You Betcha!

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Am I the only one who watched last Thursday’s vice presidential debate and wondered what the hell was wrong with this woman’s eye? Does she have cataracts? Is it glaucoma? Is she cockeyed? Tell me something, anything besides her wandering eye being evidence that she’s not as transparent as I find her to be.

She didn’t answer many of the questions that were given to her, opting instead to recite talking points she had drilled into her head prior to the debate. During the debate I actually started to feel bad for her. That is, until I saw the post-debate analysis where the talking heads talked about how “great” she was.

If last week’s debate were held inside of Speech Communication 101, the governor would have likely gotten a D for this assignment. She was lauded for her “folksy speak.” Yeah, fuck folksy speak. Enunciation is not an act of terror.

For decades now the Republicans have ran this anti-intellectual campaign that brainwashes gullible and uninformed Americans into believing that being able to read and pronounce words correctly makes you a snooty uptight elitist that should be deported to Europe with the other fancy literates. Instead, speaking to us like we’re children and torturing the English language like it’s at Guantanamo proves you’re regular and thus more qualified.

All I kept hearing was how well she resonated with “Joe six-pack.” Who the hell is “Joe six-pack” and why do they have so much juice in American politics? Can someone explain to him, “the hockey moms,” Jose quesadilla and Lakeisha 2-piece with a strawberry soda and extra grape jelly the severity of the economic crisis?

Some of my American peers seem to suffer from self-centeredness. I understand the importance of coming across as relatable, but do you really have to feel like you can have a beer with your President? Why can’t you just drink a beer during the State of the Union instead? Must your leader be that much like you?

The job titles are President and Vice President of the United States. Why would you want a “regular person” holding a position that requires exceptional abilities? Haven’t we learned from the last eight years that intelligence-deficient people should not be allowed anywhere near the White House?

When a win for you is not drooling on the podium or running away in tears, you are the winner of lowered expectations; that makes us all look bad. The only debate this woman is capable of excelling in is one with Bulwinkle since she’s been known to shoot at his relatives from a plane.

I haven’t seen a person so content with their ignorance, since…since…since…our current President. She is George W. Bush in stilettos, and with our luck should John McCain win it would be just our luck that we’re stuck with her as President. That ought to scare people.

People need to finally realize that when it comes to leadership stupid is as stupid does. Doggone it.

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