Don’t Mess With The Radio

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The next time I leave without my CDs, I think I might opt to drive in silence.

After I finished voting (It’s the Barr Baby Obama ’08!), I decided I wanted some fried chicken. If you’re wondering whether or not I felt bad about following up a vote for a Black man for president with eating fried chicken at 9:30 in the morning, I did not. Besides it was Chick-fil-A and the chicken was on a multi-grain bagel. That shit doesn’t count.

I did dance around while eating it, though.

Anyway, on the way there I heard what I thought was some corny rap song. It turns out it’s actually a commercial for some place called Antoine Dental. I should have known after they shouted out Medicaid. I guess if your smile ain’t bright but your insurance is light, there are people there looking out for you. I can get over Antonie for the Boosie inspired commercial, but I can’t cut for what I heard next.

While waiting for the rude ass girl to take my order in the drive-thru, I heard some woman talk about her dense sister. She said her sister doesn’t plan to vote because she heard Barack Obama was a radical Muslim that Osama bin Laden sent to run for President to destroy America. She heard this on YouTube.

Why are people like that free to roam the streets? I didn’t think about it at the time, but I wish I had called in and said I was sent by Planned Parenthood to tell her sister that she needed to be spayed. If that sounds too harsh, shouldn’t people like her be sentenced to a place where literary or reference materials – let’s call them books for argument’s sake – are kept for use but not for sale? That way you can like learn things and I don’t know, come to the realization that any clown can make up some bullshit on YouTube for a sucker to believe?

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