Why They’re Losing

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Over the coming days, weeks, and months following the election, political pundits all across the country are sure to be yapping their mouths pretending to know more than they actually do as they try to answer why the Republicans were collectively dissed by voters in the 2008 election.

You are sure to hear people argue that they GOP “lost its way.” It’s pretty obvious that there will be a debate over whether or not John McCain’s schizophrenic campaign hurt the down ticket across the country. And I think it goes without saying most will point the blame squarely on George W. Bush.

But while each of those arguments holds some validity, I find it unfortunate that most will fail to say what many voters will likely tell you if asked: A lot of Republicans are assholes.

This is a press release put out by the Republican National Committee yesterday afternoon:

“Obama for America violated federal law by converting its campaign funds to Senator Obama’s personal use,” the release stated. “Senator Obama recently traveled to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother. This was the right thing for any grandson to do — at his own expense — but it was not travel that his campaign may fund.”

Did they really file an FEC complaint against Obama for visiting his sick grandmother on the day she died of cancer?

Really Republicans?

I can walk into a Klan rally tomorrow and probably get more ass than they’ll likely get votes. This is yet another glowing example why 2008 isn’t the GOP’s year.

If you’re a Republican reading this (Hi, hater!), I’m sorry but them yo people.

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