It Doesn’t Matter

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Kevin Federline is a second rate dancer who was fortunate enough to catch a woman – who despite being a superstar – has a family history riddled with mental illness and was seemingly on the rebound. And as we’ve all learned he then married her and proceeded to successfully push just enough buttons to cause her to lose what little bit of sense she did have and gain a steady check via custody of their two sons.

So not only do we know he’s an untalented loser bitch, it’s clear his only claim to fame is the woman he helped almost ruin. I say all of this to make the case for why people shouldn’t care what this jack ass thinks about Black people one way or the other.

People tend to hate what they fear, or in this wannabe’s case, mock what they secretly envy. He has a Black baby mama and launched a rap career. Why should I care if he’s making fun of Black stereotypes when he perpetuates some of them himself? I’ve had this debate with a couple of my friend’s and for me personally, I feel as if Black people have bigger fish to fry.

Sure, we can sit around stewing around over Kevin Federline but I don’t see the point. There are always going to be idiots who try to guise their true prejudices in gest. I’ve never put collard greens on my plate and everyone knows strawberry or ‘rnge’ soda is better than grape.

If he wants to act like a joke let him. It won’t be long before Britney regains custody of her children and he’s back to begging Shar Jackson to hooking up their digital camera to shoot video blogs on YouTube.

But to be fair to Kevin, this may not even be him in the clip. I kinda don’t think it is him, but since I’m not a fan I wanted to pop shit anyway. If it’s not actually him in the clip, that makes it all the more worth dismissing because who hides behind Kevin Federline? A coward worth laughing at.

There are always going to be racist people of every color. Not all of them are worth our attention. So put your white powder away.

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