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I get the feeling when Nene told people to check out her past she imagined reporters would dig up on pictures of her pussy poppin’ on a handstand. In her mind she likely pictured a camera crew showing up at her doorstep with old pictures yelling, “Nene! Nene! Did you really used to strip to Big Daddy Kane?” to which she would quip back, “Oh yes, darling I did and I was fierce. And hunny don’t let the kids, the age, and the marriage fool you I am still bad.” Then she’d probably do two snaps and go about her business.

Too bad it didn’t turn out that way. I ultimately got sucked into this show and Nene quickly became my favorite cast member. She’s like that drunk aunt you wouldn’t want to see too often but around the holidays you’re dying to see her with that gin in her system. She’s funny and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously unlike the other ones who keep going on about how “elite, wealthy, and elite” they are. Stop laughing, ya’ll! Saying that makes them feel good about themselves.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Nene was lying her ass off as much as the rest of them. Those that usually claim to be the realest turn out the be the biggest liar of them all. Word to Officer Ross.

In her defense she did say she’s keeping up with the Jones’. Have you paid attention to the news lately? The Jones’ are probably ducking bill collectors, too.

The thing about this show is that most people ought to know it’s essentially just a cheap sitcom without all of the formalities like a script, writers with benefits, and the like. I mean real socialites would never appear on reality TV and extra rich people don’t like folks all in their business.

What we have here is a case of penthouse dreams with Section 8 checks. No offense to my Atlanta readers (including my friends from Georgia — love ya’ll), but it’s a bunch of brokies just like that fronting Atlanta. But to be fair to them, at least they keep their rented house and Rent-A-Center furniture away from the cameras. Live and learn, Linnethia.

Although she invited this scrutiny herself to a degree by appearing on a reality show, why the hell is this news? Don’t the local news reporters of Atlanta have something else to report on? Maybe a crime wave, a declining job market to shed light on, or a T.I. to keep following around? You would think Nene’s husband owed someone at the station a check.

Leave her alone.

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