I Am Not My Flop

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I feel bad for Teairra Mari. It didn’t take long for her to go from ‘Princess of the Roc’ to Friend of Family Dollar after being booted from her label. Though I felt her initial image was a bit much considering her age, I think a lot fault belongs to her label. I still want to know what genius thought it would be a great idea to market a teenager in a way that would alienate both teens and adults. I’m guessing a genius that probably might net better results at a call center than a record label.

Maybe I was a little too hard on the girl at the time, but I didn’t want her to flop. I just wanted her to wait until she was 18 before she started cursing me out and supplying millions of girls with daddy issues an excuse to do hoe shit. Is that too much to ask? Fortunately, T-Error is getting another chance at stardom, and since this is a new year I’m going to kick it off with a wee bit of optimism.

The good news is Teairra Mari has managed to score another major label deal. Even more good news for her is that her video is being directed by someone who didn’t get their start in porn. And get this, I think the song is nice. Go Terro go.

Now the not so good news. Terror is looking a lot like Princess Jasmine in this clip. Unless Aladdin shows up in the full video, I’m not sure if this is the best way to reintroduce her to the world. Also, the reject from Pretty Ricky is on the song. I personally want to grab a can of RAID whenever I see or hear anyone from that group, but I imagine there are still people out there that like him?

Look at Terror in that clip, ya’ll. She looks so happy to be back. Talking about she no longer has any in-hib-bit-shuns. She must really like the h in that word because she made sure that it was heard. Does she have a chance at a comeback? I feel like she could if she found a better single, hired a stylist, locked Rihanna in a closet, and made sure Ciara didn’t steal whatever good idea she thinks of. Or do I need to put the Tylenol PM down and face reality?

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