Tell Me

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1. What does Teyana Taylor actually do again?

2. Will Lil’ Kim ever hop off of Biggie’s dead dick?

3. Ya’ll know he knows the entire “Single Ladies” routine, right?

4. She may claim to be now clean, but does Amy Winehouse realize we know she’s about as drug free as a blunt?

5. Do you think it’s dawned on 50 Cent that he’s fast approaching Ja Rule status?

6. Will Sarah Palin ever fade into oblivion like all of the other failed Vice Presidential candidates?

7. Can we retire the word swagger or at least let it take an extended vacation?

8. Although the gay rumors must be annoying, is Ne-Yo helping his cause when he says things like, “Prince made me feel like a school girl?”

9. Speaking of Ne-Yo, am I the only one who feels that if you’ve heard one Ne-Yo the Negro song, you’ve heard them all?

10. Don’t you feel a little bad for Brandy?

11. Does Prince owe Rihanna child support?

12. Was Seven Pounds supposed to be a voyeuristic equivalent of a sleeping pill?

13. Since there’s a 22-year-old selling her virginity to the highest bidder online, I’m thinking about selling my self-respect online via Craiglist. How much do you think I can get?

14. Are we really blaming Beyonce for the economic crisis? Really?

15. If that’s the case, should we blame “Stanky Leg” for our America’s shitty health care system?

16. Why are people treating inauguration like it’s All Star Weekend?

17. What the hell is a Bromance?

18. Now that her ex-husband has declared he’s broke, does that mean The Greedy Ex-Wife of Bankhead, Sheree Whitfield will have to work like the rest of us?

19. Bank of America is going back to the government for more money after already getting $25 billion in aid. When the hell am I getting a bailout?

20. Will someone please tell Diddy Puff’s Black ass that he will never be the Black Bond?

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