Show Me ID

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When I first watched Saved By The Bell: The New Class I had two instant reactions. The first being the show was the wackest thing I’ve ever seen in my life (at the time anyway); the other being the Black dude is clearly the new Lisa Turtle. And as fate would have it boy Lisa has returned to our television screens via the “reality” show (ha!), Brothers to Brutha.

Outside of him being a serious alcoholic with a volatile temper, I don’t really have a problem with Anthony. I’m actually quite happy to see an ex-child star still alive. Then I heard he was claiming to be my age and that’s when he lost me. I understand that he’s not alone in the industry in terms of lying about his age, but did it not dawn on him that people might remember him?

I don’t doubt for a second that any one of you can hop on Google now and find out what I ate 6 years ago in high school during C-lunch so I’m wondering why Anthony and the other senior citizens didn’t think the public would find out they’re more so B2K’s uncles than slightly older brothers.

To be fair when Uncle Anthony says, “As long as you’re doing good music, who cares how old you are?” he’s dead on. I wish more artists would age gracefully. 30 is not the new 20. 30 is just the new mid-life crisis. That being said, if your age doesn’t matter, then why lie about it?

But judging from their stats, those dudes have a lot more to worry about. “I Can’t Hear The Music” can pretty much sums up their record sales. That’s a shame, too, considering we’ve gone from a previous decade of so many talented male R&B groups to none (and yes, I specifically mean Pretty Ricky). Brutha didn’t help matters with their choice of first single. Not to mention them always singing that cringe-inducing “He’s my brother and I love him like myself.” Blah.

That song is almost as bad as Anthony lying about needing rehab and a walker. Almost.

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