Ralph Is Laughing At You

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I often wonder do companies that benefit from the free advertising rappers often provide them say out loud, “Oh…silly niggers. Freebies are for fools.”

If not, I’m thinking it for them. Call it a hunch, but I don’t think Ralph Lauren would approve of this. Then again, in these tough times, I’m sure he won’t mind if his sales benefit from this glorified jingle. And yes, I’m serious when I say jingle. The chorus goes: “P-O-L-O, all I wear is Polo. I stay fresh…hell yeah, shawty, ye ain’t know.” That’s the ign’t equivalent of “Double your pleasure, double your fun.”

Of course, I couldn’t make that out in the video above. I’m fluent in southern, but my knowledge can only go so far. This bullshit sounds like if slaves went shopping. Before you even ask, yes I do like my ignorant songs, but this isn’t one of them. There’s no dance to go along with their song, and even if there was, I don’t think I could fool with it.

I have a thing about songs that aid people that don’t want our attention as it is. This reminds me of T.I. having to fall back on his “Swig Your Rag” video after Louie Vuitton and Gucci joined forces to shut him down citing copyright infringement. Here’s a thought, rappers: If these companies wanted your endorsement, they would pay for it.

Now if by chance, you happen to like this song and want to hear an audible version of it, you can click here and head over to their MySpace page. Yes, I’m going to judge you, but only a little bit since I’m about to get up and do the stanky legg one more time before bed. As for Jay and Dre City, the makers behind this unsolicited Ralph Lauren spot, after “Polo” finishes playing there’s a song about hustling and being a gangsta. As you know, gangsters love rhyming about fashion and what’s scarier than a Black man beating down the block in a button down?

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