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Come on poochie, bite his hand!

While I still wouldn’t be mad if I found out Rihanna and her Bajan brethren either put a root on Chris Brown or at least jumped him, I don’t think it’s fair that his music has already been banned from certain radio stations. I mean, if you’re going to ban his music, do it for the right reasons: Most of it sucks. Yeah, he has a few songs here and there I like, but for the most part, I’ve never been able to get over the fact that he sings like his balls don’t hang, so it’s been hard for me to take him seriously. Plus, I grew up a Jodeci fan, not really a Boyz II Men one. Much like Boyz II Men, though I find him overall to be a nice guy, Chris Brown is packaged a little too clean cut for my liking. No, those etch a sketch tats of his didn’t sway me much.

I’ve read about how a band of Chris Brown stans have joined together to fight the power and save him on radio. It’s cute in a don’t you lil’ fast ass kids have some homework to do sort of way, but mobilization is mobilization. Yes they can, ya’ll!

Though at this point it’s kind of hard to refute the fact that Chris Brown hit Rihanna, he hasn’t been formally charged let alone convicted, so is it right to blacklist him already? I vote no, and while I won’t be requesting any of his songs, it’s not fair to turn away those that still want to. Besides, where was all of this outrage when R. Kelly videotaped himself pissing on a 14-year-old girl and treating her ass like a cupcake? T.I. has been convicted of carrying enough arsenal to invade Iraq in his closet, yet I can’t stop hearing all 19 of his singles on the radio.

While Michael Jackson may have been cleared of playing “Touch My Body” with the little sick boy with the scamming mother, he’s certainly guilty of transforming himself from a Black man to someone resembling the dead older sister of an elderly white woman. My mom and many Black folk will never forgive him for that. Although he was convicted on sketchy sexual abuse charges, 2 Pac wasn’t exactly a friend to women yet many a female swear by him.

Then there’s Marvin Gaye, who was rumored to have loved the kids a little too much. Of course, most rappers in general take their crimes and employ them as a promotional tool. In fact, some of the very attitudes that contribute to domestic violence are still championed largely by society overall but I don’t see folks asking to ban all of the dumb programming out there. Has there been a referendum on referring to undershirts as ‘wife beaters?’ Right.

Sometimes it’s really hard for me to separate the person from their music. I like to think that in most cases what you sing is an extension of who you are. Even if you’re the invention of other people, the fact that you allow yourself to be says a lot about you as a person. So when I found out a person may be an abuser, a rapist, or some sort of other type of criminal, I do have to take a second look at them. Sometimes I can overlook it, and then there are times when I can’t.

Personally, I’ll never buy another R. Kelly album again. I did buy the Chocolate Factory and I felt guilty about it soon after. He already had my money, but I ended up tossing it the album away. This happened after I learned more about this Pied Piper character and it dawned on me that this idiot was throwing his disease in all of our faces and I felt like an even bigger idiot for supporting him.

Not supporting him anymore is aided by the fact his music now more than Karrine at Wayne’s house, but even if it were good, I can’t give him my money. That’s simply a personal choice. But then there are times when I hear his old music, and I can’t help but get into it.

I remember once that I had just finished baking some wings and was tearing them up. Then I walked back into my room and there was some video countdown on BET. “You Remind Me Of Something” came on and I literally held the plate in one hand, ate the wing in the other, then proceeded to twirk to my favorite part of the song: Y’know, “I wanna roll it, roll it, roll it…is all I wanna do, for ya baby.” All at the same time.

Sidenote: I may seriously have to put such talents to good use soon. Damn you, recession! Damn you.

After I got back up off the ground (shut up — don’t judge me), I had felt like I pissed on the girl myself. Ultimately, I had to learn that I can’t project their guilt and wrongdoing onto me. No, you won’t find me buying anything of R. Kelly that’s come out since the trial, but you may find me singing “Bump N Grind” on occasion, though maybe not as loud. I feel the same way about Chris Brown and his fans. Should they go and break all of their albums? If they want to. Should we look at them differently if they opt not to despite what he’s charged with? I don’t think so.

Ike Turner will forever be known as the man who beat down Tina Brown, not the guy who practically created rock ‘n roll. In a lot of ways, that’s karma, but look at Reverend Grits. Isn’t it funny how Al Green of all people replaced a guy who bailed out of a performance for allegedly abusing his girlfriend? We’ve allowed him a second chance. Why not Piss Brown?

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